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Experience Abiri Tours.

We connect people to places, cultures and stories.

Our Story.

After nearly a decade of traveling with students and parents, as well as successfully leading more than fifteen international tours, it became clear to veteran educator Ashley Scott that many of the people who would benefit the most from international travel were simply beyond his reach.

Two realizations were key in Ashley’s development of Abiri Tours. First, that most other tour companies offered tours at costs far higher than many of his potential clients could afford. And second, that during many of his travels, his groups were often the only people of color visiting any particular destination.

With these realizations in mind, Abiri Tours was born in order to provide transformative travel experiences – at affordable rates – to a greater number of working class families and people of color. While we specialize in group travel, we are also able to provide individuals with customized travel adventures.

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Preparation & Safety.

Your safety is our number one priority. We follow all travel recommendations and guidance published by the United States Department of State and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the destination country in regards to COVID-19. Read the full statement here.

Arrival & Accommodations.

Upon arrival, you will be transported by Abiri Tours to your lodging. Depending on the group, the country, and the type of trip, this could be a hotel, AirBnB, villa, or homestay. 

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Storytelling and Bonding.

Consistent feedback from past travelers of trips by Abiri Tours highlight the late-night conversations about local politics, religion, and culture as an invaluable component to the trips. Travelers of trips by Abiri Tours become family through shared experiences, bonding activities, and nostalgic storytelling.

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Dining & Activities.

All of our trips will include breakfast. Some tours will include dinner. Abiri Tours has researched all dining locations to ensure that all establishments meet appropriate sanitary and food handling standards. Additionally, the itinerary has been curated to include authentic local experiences and activities. Whether you are salsa dancing in Havana, walking through the streets during la feria in San Pedro, Guatemala, or receiving a naming ceremony in Ghana, each activity provides a level of immersion that will make you feel like a native.


What does "Abiri" mean?

Abiri means "to cross or to travel". It is our hope that you not only travel with us, but that you join us with an open mind and heart as we cross cultural lines in an attempt to build relationships around the world.

What are the sleeping arrangements?

Sleeping arrangements vary from trip to trip and country to country. You may be in an AirBnB mingling with local citizens in the neighborhood, or living with a family as you immerse yourself within the culture, or in a hotel as you would with a newly found friend. Whatever the situation, you will always have your own bed and could possibly room with another person.

Do we have to know how to speak the native tongue?

Whether you are fluent or just learning a few phrases, you will always have someone with you who speaks the native language who can guide you to all the hotspots on your must-see list. Speaking the language of the destination country is not a requirement.

What is the drinking water like in [certain] countries?

In many countries, particularly in Central and South America, you are advised not to drink the water. In those cases, you will have access to clean bottled water. You are also encouraged to always carry a reusable water bottle. One of the most frequent ailments while traveling is dehydration.

I am a non-person of color. May I still book one of your tours?

Yes, non-people of color are always welcomed on our trips.

What if my passport expires 3 days after we depart?

In order to travel to most countries, your passport will need to be valid for at least six months past your return date. For example, if you travel from January 1-10, your passport should be valid until July 10th. If it expires before then, you will not be allowed to enter most countries.

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