Abiri Tours

Be there...




Aimed at making international travel both affordable and accessible, Abiri Tours was founded by veteran educator Ashley Scott in 2017. After nearly a decade of experience traveling with students and parents, as well as successfully leading more than fifteen international tours, it became clear to Ashley that many of the people who would benefit the most from international travel were simply beyond his reach.

Two realizations were key in Ashley’s development of Abiri Tours. First, that most other tour companies offered tours at costs far higher than many of his potential clients could afford. And second, that during many of his travels, his groups were often the only people of color visiting any particular destination.

With these realizations in mind, Abiri Tours was born in order to provide transformative travel experiences – at affordable rates – to a greater number of working class families and people of color. While we specialize in group travel, we are also able to provide individuals with customized travel adventures.

Just like past experiences, Abiri Tours wants you to....Be there....