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Ashley Scott.


Ashley Scott has traveled to nearly 50 countries with over 500 students and hundreds of families. As a veteran educator, Ashley began expanding the world to his students through his culturally inclusive and responsive teaching. Knowing that this was only part of what students needed to become global citizens, he then began planning and leading international trips. Whether he’s planning trips for the students at his current school, students in various mentoring groups, or families who decided to travel together to share amazing experiences, Ashley’s passion for travel is contagious.

This passion for travel ignited a deeper mission within Ashley. Knowing that price is often a barrier for many Black and Brown families, Ashley created Abiri Tours in order to facilitate meaningful travel experiences at an affordable rate for the families he felt were often left out of the international travel conversation.

Ashley’s passion for travel also applies to his own life - since launching international travel programs at three different schools in Georgia, he has partnered with several companies to bring resources to the students within the countries he travels. His lifeline learning is equally immersive as his students’ - he spends weeks in Guatemala each summer, volunteering to teach English while learning Spanish. He is committed to the idea of “traveling consciously” and to providing opportunities for Black and Brown students all over the world!

Ashley has two sons, Dj (27) and Amir (20), and lives in Atlanta. 

Ashley Scott, Founder of Abiri Tours
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