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Image by Leandro Loureiro

Day 1

Fly to Colombia. Hola, and welcome to Cartagena! Arrive at the airport and transfer to your AirBnB. Enjoy fine food and conversation with fellow travelers during our Welcome Lunch.

Image by Luis Vidal

Day 2 - The Real Cartagena

This is where you are immersed into the local culture to learn about music, food, people, customs and beliefs. Visit the local market where we try local food and local fruits, learn about natives of Cartagena and the African influence. Visit traditional neighborhoods to understand the city from a geographic, cultural, social and economic point of view, including the picturesque/working class neighborhood called “GETSEMANI” (where we will appreciate its interesting history and culture depicted through murals, graffiti and of course its people).


  • Hotel pick up/drop off

  • Tour guide

  • Lunch in a local and traditional neighborhood of the city.

  • Air-conditioned vehicle 


4 hours approx. (from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm approx.)

Image by Anette Bratteberg

Day 3 - Tour to Palenque

This is a tour to learn about a village that was established by Africans who escaped from slavery in the 1600’s where there are many ancient African practices still alive including a language (Bantú, that was mixed with Spanish and Portuguese), traditional music and dances, way of living, customs, traditional medicine and spiritual beliefs.

This village was declared by UNESCO a “world cultural heritage site” in 2005 and it is home of the first world boxing champion, Antonio Cervantes “Kid Pambele” and first Afro-Colombian movie actor “Evaristo Marquez”, who made a movie with Marlon Brando in 1968 called La quemada. The tour starts with a walking tour around the community of Palenque, visit to a local home to learn about the family and their fruit-based candy business, interaction with the natives, visit to the school of music and arts for a performance of a traditional music group and traditional dances (monetary donation is suggested for the school), information on the history of the town and how the locals were able to escape from their captors being helped by their leader BENKOS BIOHO (who organized escapes just like the brave Harriet Tubman in the US) and how African men were supported by their own women who built maps and roads in their hair braiding to get oriented in the woods and make it to the village where they would make it to freedom.



  • Transportation (air-conditioned vehicle)

  • Lunch

  • Tour guide

  • Hotel pick up/drop off


6 hours approx. (from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm approx.)

Image by Luis Vidal

Day 4 - Playa Blanca beach in Barú Island/road trip

Visit one of Colombia's most spectacular beaches to enjoy the sun, the pristine waters, the African Colombian music, the reggae while you treat yourself to a tasty Piña Colada or a Margarita among the many other drinks in the menu that you can get at a very low cost for being part of our group.

This tour is like no other. It involves visits to several villages to expand the knowledge of the cultural aspect of Cartagena and the surrounding areas such as the towns of Ararca and Santa Ana village for more African Colombian history and culture.



  • Tour guide

  • Hotel pick up/drop off

  • Typical lunch

  • Air-conditioned vehicle

  • Beach chairs


6 hours approx. (from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm approx.)

At least 3 ½ hours of beach time

Image by Charisse Kenion

Day 5

Group brunch and then free time.

Image by Gerrie van der Walt

Day 6

Say "Adios" to Cartagena as you board your flight back home.

Image by Levi Ventura


$1800 (Double Occupancy) $2200 (Single Occupancy)

Deposit is $400

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